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Business & Commercial Law

"Business & Commercial Law define a vast array of relationships. It is extremely important to understand the rights and obligations that flow from this."

What is Business/Commercial Law?

Business and Commercial Law is the body of law regulating relationships between and within businesses, sole traders, partnerships, companies, franchises, self managed superannuation funds and trading trusts. It is extremely important that you understand your rights and obligations in these relationships. 

When we think of Business/Commercial Law we think of…….

  • Partnerships: the need to define the rights and obligations between partners and resolving disputes.
  • Directors: the need to define the rights and obligations and the resolution of disputes between directors and shareholders and the regulatory authorities.
  • Shareholders agreements: defining the rights and obligations between shareholders.
  • Defining the rights and obligations between businesses, their employees, suppliers and clients and resolving disputes.
  • Franchises: defining the rights and obligations between franchisees and franchisors.
    • A franchisor is someone who grants a franchise and a franchisee is someone to whom the franchise is granted.
  • Trusts: advice for trustees and beneficiaries.
  • Self managed Super Fund advice.
  • Buy Sell Agreements.
  • Insolvency law advice: for directors, creditors and Insolvency practitioners.
  • Constitution of companies
    • The constitution of a company is a contract between a company, the shareholders and the directors. It defines the rights and obligations of those relationships. It is often overlooked and it is not uncommon for companies at the direction of the directors to act improperly giving rise to a wide range of disputes.

Who should be concerned?

Any person currently involved or thinking of becoming involved in a commercial relationship should seek legal advice. As a failure to understand the various legal obligations and rights can be significant.

What do I need to do next? Seek Advice!

Contact us! Here at Frank Legal we have a team of experts who can advise you in relation to your commercial situation. If you require legal advice please contact Frank Legal at  or 02 96886023 or fill out a contact form and we will contact you.

Business & Commercial Law

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