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Family Law

"Family Law governs the rights and obligations stemming from family relationships."

Family Law

So what is Family Law?

Family Law governs your rights and obligations arising in family relationships including marriage and de facto relationships.

What areas come under Family Law?

Frank Legal provides supportive, cost effective advice in the following central areas of Family Law:

  • Divorce:
    • The law seeks to uphold the rights of individuals to divorce. Thus, the process to do so is streamlined and efficient. Frank Legal can advise you on the proper procedures to ensure that the outcome is achieved as smoothly as possible.
  • Property settlement:
    • If a marriage or de facto relationship breaks down, parties generally divide their property after taking into account liabilities. This can be a complex process and may require the court’s involvement. We can assist and guide you through the process of a property settlement.
  • Children/parenting:
    • There are a number of important factors that need to be taken into consideration when there are children in the marriage. These issues include who the children will live with, the time to be spent with each parent and who has the overall parenting responsibility. It is important to know your rights and duties, remembering that the interests of your children are paramount.
  • Child Support/maintenance:
    • Family law stipulates that both parents are responsible for the financial maintenance of their child regardless of marital status or parenting arrangements. If you have any questions about whether you need to provide child support or if you think the current arrangements are unfair, Frank Legal can assist you.

Who needs to be concerned?

Unfortunately Family Law principles can be complex and difficult to understand particularly in emotionally charged circumstances.   If you are facing any family law issues, it is highly advisable to seek advice early so that you understand your rights or duties from a legal perspective.

What do I do next?

Here at Frank Legal we have a team of lawyers who can advise you in relation to any potential family matters or disputes. If you require legal advice please contact Frank Legal at or on 02 9688 6023.

Family Law Areas of Practice


Property Settlement

Children & Parenting

 Child Support & Maintenance