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Property Law

"Property Law is about defining rights, responsibilities and relationships."

What Is Property Law?

Real Property includes real estate (residential or commercial land & buildings) and commercial leases. These assets underpin the wealth and security of many Australians. We can assist you to acquire or dispose of these assets utilising the right legal structure and processes quickly and cost effectively. Intellectual & Personal Property rights are often overlooked eg patents, trademarks, copyright and designs. The use of the Personal Property Security Register should be explored for your benefit. All aspects of property law are highly regulated. The system of law is designed to protect the owner’s rights and to ensure that the purchaser is obtaining the asset, which is being purchased. Improved registration procedures, including eConveyancng assists to simplify processes and brings with it new issues for the parties to deal with. For most people the purchase and sale of Real Property is likely to be a significant transaction. Care should be taken to obtain advice regarding the legal issues involving:

  • Buying and selling residential real estate
  • Buying and selling commercial real estate
  • Buying and selling strata units
  • Commercial leases
  • The use of the most appropriate legal entity
  • Stamp duty issues
  • Creation of easements
  • Buying property “off the plan”
  • Strata unit disputes
  • Subdivisions
  • Mortgages

Intellectual Property The inappropriate creation, registration and maintenance of ownership rights with respect to intellectual property may result in the loss of a valuable asset. We encourage our clients to take all necessary steps to protect their ownership of:

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyright
  • Designs

The Personal Property Securities Register

The Australian Government has established online the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) to enable the public to register their security interests in goods and other personal property. The register is regularly used by buyers, sellers and financiers. The PPSR allows buyers to check to see if the valuable second-hand goods they want to buy are debt-free and safe from repossession. The sort of goods which are often the subject of the PPSR include machinery, equipment, vehicles and stock. We can assist you to utilise this register for your protection. Businesses selling on terms eg retention of title, or leasing valuable goods, should register their interest on the PPSR. Registration can help a business recover a debt from a customer if there is non payment or if the customer becomes insolvent. It can also add to the value of the business.

What Is My First Step? Seek Advice!

Seek advice as to your ownership options, the legal processes and traps for the unwary when buying, selling or leasing real estate. You need to know the problems created for you by others. It is our role to guide you through these processes and keep you informed, so that you can make informed decisions.

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